May 23 (GMM/ Sebastian Vettel has found a way around F1’s new helmet livery change ban.

For 2015, to help spectators more easily identify the drivers from one race to another, the sport put a stop to the constant chopping and changing of helmet colours.

It means that even the ‘Monaco specials’ – one-off livery changes for the prestigious street race – are no longer allowed.

“(Livery designer) JMD have painted me this helmet for the race and I really wanna wear it!” Daniel Ricciardo said on Twitter.

“Not a fan of this one helmet design rule,” the Australian complained.

Ferrari’s Vettel is also a JMD customer, but the German has found a loophole in the livery rule.

La Gazzetta dello Sport has published photos of his ‘Monaco special’, and because it is substantially similar to his homologated livery, it is likely to escape the attention of the stewards.

Vettel’s Monaco helmet is still white with the German tricolour stripe, but now in a distinctly 70s style.

The white is not as glossy, the tricolour is featured in a hand-drawn, brush-stroke style, the ‘5’ on the top is in a decades-old font, and a bigger, 70s-like visor has been drawn on.

On the side, just ahead of the modern, HANS-device mounting, is an image of an old oxygen-hose attachment, completing the authenticity of the 70s look.

Vettel was already wearing the new helmet livery in Thursday practice.