Vettel would prefer day race in Bahrain image

Apr.17 (GMM/ It may be a glistening, floodlit spectacle, but Sebastian Vettel would prefer if the sun did not set on this weekend’s Bahrain action.

The island Kingdom is suitably hot for the 2015 Ferrari package, which in the searing Malaysian sun was able to power the German driver to victory.

In cooler Melbourne and Shanghai, however, Mercedes’ dominance came to the fore.

“The problem here is that the sun goes down,” smiled Vettel, referring to the fact that the Bahrain grand prix is held at night.

“That’s why I don’t expect it to be quite the same as what we saw in Malaysia,” he added.

Vettel’s other option is to hope that championship leader Lewis Hamilton’s off-track row with his teammate Nico Rosberg ends up in a collision.

Vettel said that scenario would be “most welcome. But I do not expect it to happen.

“I think both of them are reasonable and will know how to handle it.”