Veyron Gran Sport: Bugatti’s Tribute to Designer Bijan Pakzad [Video] image

Achim Anscheidt, the design director of Bugatti had recently paid tribute to the fashion designer Bijan Pakzad.

Pakzad passed away on 16 April 2011 from an unexpected death as suffered from a stroke. However, he finished this project without letting it die half way. The Iranian-born fashion designer Bijan Pakzad had worked on many projects with Bugatti and the latest was his special Veyron Grand Sport. Being an ideal designer, he also had the similar taste for cars that forced him to be a part of luxury marques since many years.

This special edition supercar is available with a two-tone set of diamond cut wheels, aluminum trademarks and logos. The best part of this edition is the signature of Bijan that is set in platinum and can be found on the rear spoiler of the car. The interiors boast a combination of yellow and black carbon fiber, power meter, and an iPad fitted between the seats. The complete fitting makeover of this car shows the affection of Bijan for cars.

The car features an unusual high gloss color scheme, polished aluminum, the yellow color that runs right through the middle, and the Bijan trademark on the bonnet are the most fascinating things that makes this car completely unique.

Making clothes for countless celebrities, Bijan who died at 67 had made his own place in everyone’s hearts. His clients included President Barack Obama, George Washington Bush, Ronald Reagan, actors Tom Cruise, Anthony Hopkins, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, and many others.

His Rodeo Drive boutique is considered as the world’s most expensive store. Known popularly as among the most passionate car lovers in the world, his one of the biggest earlier partners with whom he shared his talent in the automotive industry is Rolls-Royce.

By Sunita Mandal