Veyron, P1 and Agera R to star in Need for Speed Movie image

Three of the best hypercars on sale these days will star in a new Need for Speed Movie, which will be launched sometimes next year.

Need for Speed is known worldwide and it has become a true brand over these years for petrol heads looking to drive the hottest supercars on their monitors or on their TV sets but now the famous game series is getting ready to take a step forward and it will hit the movie theaters. Yes, NFS fans, this is not a joke and Need for Speed will soon enter your homes and you will have no control over the cars.

According to the guys at GT Spirit, the Bugatti Veyron, the Koenigsegg Agera R and the brand new McLaren P1 hybrid supercar will star in the upcoming Need for Speed movie. The three hypercars have been spotted recently during filming of the movie. The Need for Speed movie will follow the story of a young race driver who was released from prison and we will get to see a cross country race in the best new supercars. The Need for Speed movie will be released in 2014.

Source: GT Spirit