Victims Dismissed Charges in Amanda Bynes’ Hit-and-Runs image

The two victims involved in Amanda Bynes’ hit-and-runs dismissed their charges.

Bynes’ attorney, Richard Hutton, announced that the victims received ‘full satisfaction’ and therefore whished to permanently dismiss their charges. Judge Thomas Rubinson granted the deal. Although prosecutors had “signed off on the deal,” the City Attorney’s Office objects this deal due to Bynes’ multiple hit-and-runs incident and the pending DUI case.

“Amanda has to realize that image and impressions are all important these days of instant communication,” said a key Hollywood insider, familiar with Bynes and her career. “Let’s hope she gets back on track soon.”

Amanda’s close friends begin to believe that she on the track of becoming the ‘new Lindsay Lohan’ due to her recent behavior and fight with the law. She already has a DUI arrest, two side-swiping incidents, she drove on her suspended license and was spotted smoking something from a pipe while driving on that suspended license.

Police suspended Bynes’ driver’s license in April, after she hit a police car and refused to take a Breathalyzer test. The two hit-and-run incidents came in August, each with a $1,000 fine and/or a 6-month jail time.