[VIDEO] $11.3m Ferrari 250 GT review image

An interesting review of one classic, rare and very expensive Ferrari model, the 250 GT SWB, has been signed recently by EVO.

Reviewing most cars is pretty simple, you have to see what the competition is offering in the same segment, check out its price, is handling, engine, gearbox, brakes, features and fuel consumption, amongst others, and then you wrap all those up in some nice words. But what if you would have the opportunity to take a very rare, classic and extremely expensive Ferrari up for a test drive? Well, the guys from EVO did and Jethro Bovingdon is actually one of the few motoring journalists who can say that they’ve taken a spin in the 250 GT SWB.

This happened thanks to RM Sotheby’s, which wanted to promote the classic car auction which will be taking place at Villa Erba, in Italy, on the 23rd of May. The vehicle in question is coming with mechanical, brakes and steering and nothing is assisted to trying to take it for a spin, especially since it has been built for racing, is not that easy. Keep in mind that this gorgeous yellow finished Ferrari is taking its power from a 3.0 liter V12 engine, which is capable of producing a total output of 280 HP. Add this to the fact that only 45 examples of this particular model, in this configuration, have been put together, and you will end up with an interesting subject.