[Video] 12-year old steals school bus, gets stopped by a citizen image

This must be a case of kids playing too much video games – which usually involve things that get you in the jail – and decided to do a Grand Theft Auto Stunt by stealing… a school bus.

Fortunately this story has an unscripted happy ending because during the “adventure” no one was harmed. The tale took place in the city of Bangor, Maine, USA where the local police department decided to share the news on Facebook – adopting a very humorous take on the potentially troubling act. An unnamed 12-year-old child who was seen driving a school bus was stopped by a man named John W. St. Germain III. The latter was driving with his girlfriend when they noticed the bus driver was looking… very young. The two called the police department to report and described the bus – which was easy to spot, according to the police, since it was a big, blue bus with a kid driving it.

As the two waited for the police to arrive on scene, they noticed the bus stop and braveJohn W. St. Germain III boarded the bus safely and removed the little thief from the wheel. For the feat, John has been awarded by the Police officers a “Bangor Police Department Challenge Coin.” You should take a moment to read the “press release” of the communications department of the local police, as it may bring some smiles on your face.

Via Facebook