[VIDEO] 1.500 HP Nissan GT-R sets fastest quarter mile image

One of the hottest vehicles on the road today who is a direct competitor for cars like the mighty Porsche 911, the Nissan GT-R, was tuned by AMS Performance and just set the fastest quarter mile time for this model.

The GT-R modified by the Chicago based tuning company has more power than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, 1.500 horsepower, 300 more than Volkswagen’s supercar and the engineers from AMS had an even greater challenge because they wanted to keep the whole interior stock, even the air conditioner.

Have they done it? Is it possible? Double-yes and Nissan’s GT-R is going like a rocket, finishing the quarter mile in just 8.97 seconds with a top speed of 169.49 miles per hour.

The fastest GT-R in history with its 1.500 horsepower will probably keep its quarter mile record for some time. But until you can make an opinion of your own regarding the Japanese car, you better watch this video below. Enjoy!

  • John Jones

    Don't matter how fast it's butt ugly!!