[VIDEO] 120kg of 18kt gold on a Rolls Royce Phantom image

A bizarre request for a bizarre customer is what best describes the car presented in the video and mixed with 120 kilograms of solid 18kt gold.

With high level finishes and a particular luxury, the Rolls Royce manufacturer has always made cars, over the years, for a limited amount of buyers, most of them gentlemen. But this is not the case of the Phantom model, which is in top 5 preferences of rappers or football stars.

Things might have just changed and even though 120 kilograms of solid gold finishes on a car seem a bit too much, the 8.2 million dollar Phantom can pretty much compare to the old Rolls Royce models.

The car presented in the video was modified by Stuart Hughes of Liverpool, UK, in collaboration with Eurocash AG of Zug Switzerland, and is also bullet proof, being certified by the German Government Beschussamt Munchen, being tested with an AK47.

But when a car has so much to offer on the outside, I wonder why someone would want to go on the inside. Just scratch its front grill with a key and you’re set off for a whole month.

Enjoy the video below!