[VIDEO] $1.5m Ferrari Enzo crashed into Atlantic Ocean image

Just like a motorcyclist isn’t considered a real biker until he met the road up-close, a driver isn’t a real driver until he crashes, but when you crash a 1.5 million dollar modified Ferrari Enzo into the Atlantic Ocean than you can be sure that your face will be seen on the news all over the world.

The unlucky driver in question is exotic car enthusiast Zahir Rana and his Ferrari Enzo was modified by Edo Competition and it was made to look like the ultra-rare FXX, along with some serious performace, 840 horsepower and a top speed of over 380 km/h or 240 mph, which I’m pretty sure it didn’t help him once he lost control of it.

Accelerating after turning ninety degrees following a bridge crossing, Zahir Rana’s Enzo has slipped on the gravel and missed a boathouse before plunging into the water.

“My first thoughts were I love my Enzo and to me it’s the best thing ever, but then I thanked God that I’m well and fine and it’s only a car. It’s not a big deal. With speed comes a little bit of risk and these things happen, it is OK. I love speed and I push to the max and this is what most race cars drivers do. I love every aspect of it and for me it is fine”, said Zahir Rana.

You can watch the video of the crash and the supercar’s recovery from the Atlantic Ocean below.