[Video] 1967 Chevrolet Nova nicknamed “The Hulk” for its 2,500 hp image

We’re not going to indulge in any comments of the comics and movie character – we all agree he’s awesome – and instead focus on the vehicle that borrows his nickname, and we believe this time for good reason.

If you saw the Fast and Furious franchise with Japanese flavor you may remember one comic relief character in Tokyo Drift had a themed Hulk car – although it was a shameful iteration since the basis was an inglorious basterd – the VW Touran van. Now this memorable 1967 Chevy Nova is fully deserving of the title, as he sweeps the US drag racing stage. The machine could also be seen on TV, this time around on the Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws show, and in this iteration packs a meaty 2,500 hp as the owner had decided the quarter mile goal should be one that stands very high (or short, depends on the point of view) – a six second pass at 200 mph. The footage we have below is depicting the early days of the monster as it struggled with its inner self to reach the leader’s goal – and it also shows us in depth what makes the behemoth tick.

With driver included, The Hulk here tips the scales at 3,550 lbs (1,610 kg) owing it mostly to the build using the old but reliable steel – while popping up the hood you’ll get a glimpse of an entire factory: a 632 ci (10.35 liters) soul fitted with twin pro-mod 88mm turbos delivering 22 lbs of boost. The assembly has been mated to a Turboglide transmission and as far as we can report the contraption has managed to reach the trap speed task – 203 mph (327 km/h), but has so far faield to enter the six-second designated area.