[Video] 2,000 hp Lamborghini with manual gearbox posts new half-mile record image

While many people don’t have too much experience with vehicles that need a “stick” to change gears, the fans of manual gearboxes know things get a bit tricky once the model gets past a certain power threshold.

For example anything above 300 hp will need the driver to know his stuff if he wants the clutch to live past a certain threshold – let’s say the 100 miles mark. The imagine how hard it is for the driver to manhandle a machine packing no less than 2,000 ponies on board! The video below is a statement to the talent of people – with the twin-turbo Lamborghini with a stick being treated to a new speed record. The superbly handled Raging Bull is now the proud owner of a new world record for manual Lamborghinis. During the WannaGoFast 1/2 Mile Shootout in Clayton, GA, it posted a trap speed of just over 221 mph (make that 355.8 km/h if you live in Europe).

The Sant’Agata Bolognese monster has been “tamed” to the new power level by Underground Racing, also the tuners responsible for another record, this time in the field of dual-clutch sequential transmission Lambos, with a Huracan modification. By the way, this Galardo has maintained its road-legal status despite the new power credentials. Just imagine how it feels handling the rush hour morning traffic in this machine… yeah, better get going to the video as you need to crank up the sound to hear the stick in action.

Via 1320video