Premium automaker Audi has released a new advertising campaign for the new A6, which emphasizes Audi’s focus on developing and utilizing lightweight materials.

The commercial translates all this tech talk into visual magic: special effects make the metal easy to model by hand, just like Play-Doh.

“Audi has created an intelligent combination of various materials, rendering the body of the new Audi A6 extremely light, safe, and stiff. Thanks to its composite steel-aluminum construction, the body weighs approximately 15 percent less than a conventional steel construction, earning the sedan with the four rings a top ranking among the competition. Providing 130 kW (177 hp) of power, the Audi A6 2.0 TDI tips the scales at just 1,575 kilograms (3,472.28 lb), not including the driver,” Audi says.

The metal has allowed Audi to increase the interior room of its products without suffering a weight or rigidity penalty. Of course, attempting to explain that in a way that doesn’t sound like a more boring interpretation of high school chemistry class is a bit of a challenge.

High-end steels also plays the pass role in a brand new A6, as it increases strength in areas similar to a passenger cell and at its passing from one to another to the front end of the automobile.


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