Video: 2012 BMW M5 on test track in France image

BMW released today a new video of the latest generation 2012 M5, showing the performance sedan in action on the race track in France.

It’s also the first time we get a proper taste of what the new car might sound like.
Judging from the tone of the video alone, it looks like BMW is very serious about maintaining that driver involvement all BMW M cars have been known to showcase.

The F10 M5 is pushed to it limits and its suspension components and the M DCT 7-speed gearbox are also put to the challenge as BMW aims to make the next M5 a more exciting and precise instrument to drive while still maintaining more-than-adequate levels of comfort.

Specific details will have to wait until much closer to the Frankfurt show. Until then, rest assured the 555+ horsepower twin-turbo V8 M5 will handily out-shine its rivals.