[VIDEO] 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML goes off-road image

The new generation of the Mercedes-Benz ML is once again placed into the spotlights after a video with the crossover going off-road has been released.

To be honest, we don’t know for sure if the automaker has something to do with this off-road test, or this is someone with big connections who just got his brand new Mercedes-Benz ML and wanted to brag himself. As you can see from the video below, the “off-road testers” are obviously obsessed with ponds and the crossover has been filmed while going through some. But this is not the only thing which can be seen in the video posted below, and the new ML-Class generation is showing us that it can also go up and down a hill, but the terrain which has a lot in common with a teenager’s face really shakes the driver.

So, as a conclusion, this video is proving to us what we already knew, that the Mercedes-Benz ML doesn’t have anything in common with off-roading, just like the BMW X5 doesn’t or the Audi Q7, or the Volkswagen Touareg, and so on. The ML is good for taking your kids to school and if you see a pond on the way, don’t worry, you won’t get wet. And if you’re into off-roading, just buy a classic Land Rover Defender and start modifying it, because if you have a different opinion on the ML-Class, than you’re clearly the owner of one.