[VIDEO] 2012 Volkswagen Beetle commercial image

One of the most iconic cars of all times, the Beetle, has just been given a refreshed look and a new commercial seems to be the right thing for Volkswagen, in a campaign to attract new customers.

The German automaker has made another step into making the new Beetle more appealing to males with the flat roof, wider gauge, shorter windscreen and 200 horsepower from the four-cylinder engine which is bragging with the same performance as a sporty GTI.

Even if the starting price doesn’t seem to be so appealing, Volkswagen is offering its future 2012 Beetle customers the four-cylinder, naturally aspirated engine, mated to a manual transmission for 19.765 USD, but for almost $2.000 more, the automatic transmission becomes available.

Volkswagen says that the entry-level version where the turbo engine becomes available is priced at 24.165 USD for the five-speed manual transmission and 25.265 USD for the six-speed Direct Shift (DSG) automatic.

The German automaker has chosen a serious commercial video for advertising its new Beetle, unlike the 2012 Audi A6, which is mocking US driving.

You can watch the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle commercial below. Enjoy!