[Video] 2015 Chevrolet Colorado gets summer sand sculpture image

So, the summer is all but over today – at least as the calendar is concerned – but we can still find places around the world where the scorching heat goes hand in hand with the cool depths of the ocean.

So, we’re sure that Chevrolet’s idea of starting this Labor Day with a 75, 000 lbs (34,019 kg) 2015 Colorado is not that far off. Yes, the pickup truck was actually made of sand – a reminder that we shouldn’t forget about our sandy vacations when we go to work.

The sand sculpture was prepared in time for the US Sand Sculpting Championships in San Diego, being built – with lots of hard work and equal amounts of fun, we imagine – over the course of five days.

“It’s a great fit for the Colorado to be partnered with the U.S. Sand Sculpting Championships,” said Tony Johnson, Colorado marketing manager. “With Southern California being the largest mid-size truck market in the country, the Colorado is right at home here in San Diego.”

Of course, through the miracles of modern day technology, we can skip the hard work and see in the video how a huge sand sculpture can be done… really fast. Also, the sandy Colorado promotes the fact that its 2015 model year version is getting ready to enter dealership lots this fall.