[Video] 2016 Ford Focus RS holds its own against Subaru STI rally machine image

Ford’s latest and greatest hot hatch seems adept at handling a rally stage, even when pitted against a purpose built Subaru STI rally car.

The Ford Focus RS is certainly one of the hottest cars on the hot hatch market – and there are numerous reasons for that (350 hp, AWD, drift mode, etc.), but here’s video proof that there’s another important reason to want this little blue beast. An almost stock Focus RS has been pitted against an old-school Subaru STI rally car thanks to the good folks over at Team O’Neil Rally School in Dalton, New Hampshire, and the RS is seemingly holding its own against one of the best known and most successful rally cars on a snowy rally stage.


The Focus did get a few alterations to cope with the adversities of handling such a stage – smaller brakes, Bilstein performance shocks, 15-inch wheels, an ABS delete, and the addition of a skid plate. Team O’Neil founder and former rally driver Tim O’Neil said he loved the new Focus RS go alongside the Subaru rally car. The team also said they had a legitimate reason for all the rally stage fun in the Focus RS – they want to test the hatch around the facility throughout the year in preparation for real rally action in the near future.