[Video] 2016 Mercedes E Class once again spied with barely any camo on image

The German automaker is doing very well in terms of sales and profit this year so we’re not really believing they’re doing any savings when discarding the usually thick camouflage pattern on testing prototypes.

Yet the case is so with the highly anticipated 2016 E Class executive sedan which has been caught on more than one occasion sporting what may be classified as the G String of camouflage suits. The German carmaker will fully reveal in front of the worldwide audience the model come next month during the North American International Auto Show and the wait might be over even before as we’re expecting an imminent online debut. We’ve been talking about the executive sedan for so long we’re feeling it has little to no secrets to share with us come the official premiere, with the W 213 leaked and spied and even revealed by the automaker in the gallery that depicted the most important part – the cabin.

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the footage and see we’re dealing here with the regular short wheelbase version of the mid-size vehicle and the exterior design has been kept pretty much familiar – as we’re dealing here with a mash-up between the larger S Class and the smaller C Class models. We also already know the E Class will be using the MRA architecture and as such it will shed lots of excess kilos even though dimensions have been growing. We’re also pretty sure of a new family of engines that will also make the debut, including an entry-level turbodiesel four-cylinder with 180 hp.

Via Mercedes-Benz Prototypes