[Video] 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 caught testing on the Nurburgring image

General Motors’ Chevrolet unit has already presented the Camaro ZL1 in official pictures, but before the model makes the jump into the showrooms the engineers have been allowed to fiddle with the last minute tweaks of the model.

And what better place to hone the skills of such a mighty machine than the legendary Nurburgring track? The engineers are playing not only with the final setups of the ZL1 on the Green Hell, but they’re also out there testing the yet to be released 2018 Camaro Z/28. That one even had an issue with the ABS and we saw it say hello to the protection barrier – reportedly the prototype was up and running the same day, though. Now we’re more interested in what the ZL1 is doing, since this one is very close to becoming a street reality. The automaker is honing the skills of both the six speed manual and of the all new ten speed automatic. In the footage embedded below, the automatic is inside the red car and the blue livery supports the manual mode.

With the ZL1 positioned as the flagship version of the sixth generation Camaro, expectations have been set up pretty high for the model. The LT1engine sitting under the hood delivers an impressive 640 setup of ponies. Detractors might call this way underpowered when comparing the supercharged Chevrolet to the Hellcat over at Chrysler, but we need to remember one thing. The battle is going to be on par rather than unbalanced because the ZL1 is around 500 lbs lighter than the SRT machine. Now we just have to wait for the all new Shelby GT500 to have an incredible muscle car track battle.