[Video] 2017 Nissan Juke is first ever with 360-degree 4K camera image

You didn’t know you needed a 360-degree 4K dashboard camera to go with your almost ready for a second-generation Nissan Juke, did you? Well, it’s for action-packed drives…

Nissan’s new JukeCam is going to be something useful for some – perhaps bloggers – while it’s going to be treated as a gimmick used a few times out of curiosity and then never again by others. It’s still the first ever production car to feature such setup. By all means the “JukeCam” is not the first built-in dashcam, but Nissan points out it’s the world’s first 360-degree, 4K-compatible dashcam for a production car. It can also be detached and serve as a real action-camera, just like your regular GoPro.

The JukeCam was developed in conjunction with 360fly, a company focused on 360-degree cameras. The company also wanted the best possible exposer and came up with a video with the camera capturing the new Guinness World Record for Most Consecutive Cars Jumped Over on a Pogo Stick. Stunt performer Dalton Smith, who is part of the “Xpogo” extreme pogo team jumped over three Juke units, with just one bounce in between each. Nissan also crammed into the videos the new Juke Envy special edition for the British market, an N-Connecta trim also packing some styling enhancements, black 18-inch alloy wheels, and a few new ingredients inside.