[Video] 2017 Porsche 911 R taken to Col d’Aspin in rally style by “amateurs” image

You may have seen Porsche’s series of driving lesson tips that involved works driver Patrick Long and more importantly the cool manual gearbox-sporting 911 R limited edition model.

While all examples of the 991-unit production roster have been spoken for, Porsche has reserved itself the right to milk the promotion cow using the model – and it turns out those two “amateurs” involved in the four episodes that appeared to be needing car manhandling advices were not what they seemed. Actually the two persons have been involved in showing up the Neunelfers’ credentials for years, and one of them even has a background in rallying. The other guy is named Jack and it turns out he is none other than Jack Olsen. He went viral back in 2014 when people found out his daily-driver was a 1972 911 that hit the Willow Springs racetrack on a daily basis for the past 16 years.

Now we have a clip showing him take on a rally stage in France – the hill climb included in a route going from Arreau to Col d’Aspin. Porsche will reveal the official story later on, but we can trump that thanks to a preview coming courtesy of Jack. The idea has to do with the 1969 Tour de France Automobile race, a 3,100-mile (5,000 km) adventure that brought glory to the classic 911 R. The two “amateurs” were of course joined by Patrick Long and another Porsche professional driver and we also added in a second clip to refresh your memory about Jack’s Willow Springs love.