There’s no other way to put it – Skoda is no longer that very affordable Czech version of German engineering – just take a look at the facelifted Octavia RS and see how you’ll end up paying a load of money.

If you fiddle with the configurator of the model – if it’s not available in your country just go for the Skoda Germany website – and you can pay in excess of €50,000. The price gap between the Golf and Octavia has been constantly reduced – and you’ll find that in some markets the entry-level Octavia RS is costlier than a Golf GTI. In Germany for example the “Simply Clever” model starts at €30,890 whereas the Wolfsburg Grand Touring Injection kicks off at €29,975.

Skoda wants to set the record straight apparently, so they came up with a lengthy video post for their flagship Octavia, offered both in liftback and wagon body styles. By the way, if the 2.0 TSI’s 230 hp & 350 Nm credentials after the facelift are not enough, there are official plans for Skoda to deliver a hardcore iteration of the Octavia Rally Sport – most likely it will come with 245 hp as seen inside the Golf GTI Performance. Skoda might even decide to also bring back the electronically controlled limited-slip differential from the pre-facelift RS 230 limited edition.


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