South Korean manufacturer SsangYong not only has a quirky name but also has utterly “what’s that” cars everywhere in its lineup – just take a look at how ugly the Rodius is.

But we’re not here to discuss that hypothetical father of a Pontiak Aztek with Fiat Multipla nuptial ceremony. Instead, we’re here to talk about their latest product. The G4 Rexton, which is just fresh off the Seoul Motor Show oven, is looking to enact the Tivoli success in the immediate higher class, meaning it’s not that quirky anymore. But it does quirky things. The company has been putting out some strange videos – one of them even has the SUV riding on a gray, lunar-like surface. On the other hand, the durability tests reassure us the company has increased its standards.

SsangYong has become one of the smallest mainstream brands out there – never quite grasping the exact ingredients that made Land Rover and Jeep the powerhouses they are today. Maybe they’ll have better luck with the Rexton, once it becomes internationally available. The ingredients might be the needed ones – all-new body-on-frame chassis developed jointly by SsangYong and POSCO, a renowned Korean steel company, which allowed them to deploy a high-tensile strength steel construction with increased torsional stiffness and lower weight.

Design wise, the model is inspired by the LIV-2 concept that appeared at the Paris Motor Show last year, and the model gets motivation from a 2.2-liter e-XDi220 diesel engine hooked to a seven-speed automatic gearbox coming from Mercedes-Benz, as is customary. The European market won’t see the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine with 225 horsepower, though.



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