We’re finally getting the official unveiling of the new generation 2018 BMW M5 this week and the German automaker is of course making sure everyone knows what the fuss is all about.

BMW of course wants to push the new M5 further up, as it needs to bring the new generation to life and on par with the biggest menace in the segment – the equally enticing Mercedes-AMG E63 S. Featuring more than 600 hp and a new xDrive all-wheel drive system, the M5 will go head to head with the Mercedes-AMG offering in terms of rear-wheel drive possibilities as well, both featuring a smart AWD system that enables the switch to the driver-fun rear wheel drive. The most powerful and technically advanced BMW M5 ever presented will come from under the wraps on August 21, but so far we have seen much of it – including in this short but revealing teaser preview.

The M5 is seen here roaring through the desert, with complimentary shots of the carbon-ceramic brakes and even a close-up – if you pause at the right time – of the front left side. We can see more clearly the aggressive set of air intakes, as well as the grille-mounted M5 badge – nothing new actually, since the model premiered in CGI during a trailer for the next installment in the Need For Speed video game franchise.


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