[Video] 2018 BMW X2 is on the Nurburgring, now with understeering image

The age of all things BMW being rear-wheel drive has long gone, and the automaker is pursuing an extensive expansion strategy that will see even more front wheel drive models coming on the architecture shared with Mini cars.

The Bavarian carmaker is also well known for his love of unconventional niches, having premiered the coupe-SUV segment with the first generation X6 – and they are looking to have such an entry across all bandwidth, which is why next to the X4 and X6 soon there will also be an X2. The latter is a close brother of the X1, albeit with a more stylish and impractical roofline, and the X2 is drawing near to the moment of reveal. Now in its final stages of development, the vehicle is seen here put through its paces on the fabled Nurburgring. There’s ample camouflage to hide the design details – though we’re pretty sure this X2 will be a very familiar sight.

We have both the X1 and the stylish Concept X2 to relate to, so let’s get to the interesting parts. Given the front wheel drive nature of the understeer present in the spy video, we can imagine this was not an xDrive version being put through its paces. And sadly, there’s noticeable understeer screech – a common trait among models using the UKL front-wheel-drive platform.

Via Supercarsfromeu