[Video] 2018 Dacia Duster thoroughly detailed image

The Romanian affordable brand – part of the Renault Group – is reaching full maturity with the introduction of the second-generation Duster SUV, one of the most popular in its segment.

Dacia made a big leap in terms of design and technology with the introduction of the Sandero/Logan duo a while back and now it’s back with another jump, this time focusing on ride and perceived quality, apparently. While some will treat the Duster as another case of the evolutionary disease, the subcompact SUV is using the same design language to make sure it won’t alienate the fans of the predecessor – while most, if not all, of the body panels are actually new. Renault’s Romanian budget unit aims to keep the Duster “shockingly affordable” and has now released new details about the model following its reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

2017 - Essais Presse Nouveau Dacia DUSTER en Grèce

For starters, the windshield is now positioned forward by 100 mm compared to the predecessor, and also has a steeper incline and the general dimensions have been kept in tune – 4,34 meters in length, in order to retain the off-road credentials that include the 210-mm clearance, along with 30/33 (34 for the 4×2) and 21 degrees angles – attack, departure and ventral, respectively. Ride quality has been improved using more sound-deadening materials not just inside the cabin, but also in the engine compartment, new sealants and plugs, while the glass of the front windows is now 0.35 millimeters thicker – all working towards better NVH levels. Handling is also going up a notch thanks to the addition of the newly developed electric power steering, while parking might become easier thanks to the new multi-view camera. Options for higher end versions go out of the budget segment – hill descent control, hill start assist, 4×4 monitor, new curtain airbags, blind spot warning, automatic headlights, speed limiter, and rear seat seatbelt reminder.