[Video] 2018 Ford Mustang has a pulsing start button image

The American automaker has recently refreshed its legendary muscle car, and while the updated version is not yet at dealerships, Ford keeps ramping up expectations by detailing every tiny bit.

Among the wide array of improvements there are those that are simply… fashionable. There’s a design upgrade, new LED headlights, an all-new digital instrument cluster – and even a pulsing engine start-stop button. Once the door is unlocked and until the owner hits the button to summon the engine to life, the button pulses red at the exact beat rate of 30 hits per minute. There’s an explanation, of course – this is the average resting heart rate of an adult Mustang horse. The button – sitting on the lower driver’s side of the center stack beneath the audio system and climate controls – even has the words Engine, Start, and Stop glow red.

This gimmick might sound familiar – that’s because Ford is not the only brand that uses such a trick. Last year we found out Jaguar’s recent start-stop buttons on pretty much all its recent models have a pulse of exactly 72 beats per minute. And this is the average resting heart rate of a… Jaguar. The 2018 Mustang came out in front of the worldwide audience at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show – getting a new 10-speed automatic transmission and axing the 3.7-liter V6 unit option, among others.