[Video] 2018 Honda Civic having a great time on the Nordschleife, soundtrack is great image

The tenth generation of the Honda Civic was first introduced last year in September and of course everyone is counting down the days to the introduction of the Type R.

Already available as a sedan and coupe, the Honda Civic is still sold by the Japanese automaker in Europe in its ninth iteration as a hatchback and wagon – with things expected to be rectified during the 2016 Paris Motor Show. The 2017 Civic in hatchback body style has already been previewed by the concept that appeared this spring during the Geneva Motor Show – and that only takes one step closer to the reveal we’re all waiting for: the 2018 Civic Type R. It turns out the Japanese are diligently at work on the Nurburgring’s Green Hell, where the below footage was captured.

It also appears that – judging by the short video – the bat out of hell tune is entirely appropriate. We can see and hear the 2018 Honda Civic Type R kicking its VTEC Turbo soul – we’re still unsure if the X iteration (no Wolverine present though) is going to up the power of the current generation. After all, more than 310 hp on a front wheel drive chassis is stretching the limits imposed by Sir Isaac Newton – but we could still see a performance bump because the tenth generation of course comes with the ubiquitous fat loss.