[Video] 2018 Mercedes A Class undergoes appropriate winter testing image

The new generation of the compact model has been brewing in Mercedes’ chambers for almost half a decade, and it’s now finally approaching the time of tasting by its upcoming owners.

But not before undergoing the final testing procedures, which have been sampled by Mercedes for us to see and witness. The upcoming new generation of the A Class is not expected to become official before the first public appearance during the Geneva Motor Show in March, but we can be sure we’re going to be treated to an online reveal before long. The new five-door compact hatchback has been recently teased by Mercedes while its W177 generation is undergoing the harsh-winter condition trials, in and out of the laboratories for some sightseeing in frosty Sweden where the premium hatch has to face temperatures of well below 0 degrees Celsius.

[Video] 2018 Mercedes A Class undergoes appropriate winter testing 0

Mercedes’ base series model is also being treated to the end of class long-haul test drives and is also seen here in the teaser while undergoing the climate tunnel procedures where at speeds of 50 kph (31 mph) is facing temperatures as low as -28 degrees Celsius (-18.4 degrees Fahrenheit). The video even shows a quick glimpse of the interior – but we already saw that in official photos – and we already know the brand’s new infotainment system has been specifically modeled for compact cars, with full details coming in January at CES in Las Vegas.