While the 2017 edition of the Detroit Auto Show featured the physical debut of the facelifted GLA in US-spec, the European version has also been revealed in the world wide web.

The company with its iconic three-pointed star logo has decided to share the details about its home continent European version, with the same range of enhancements as its US twin. The design refresh is mild at best, though Mercedes claims it includes “many optimizations” to the body in order to achieve better aerodynamic efficiency, lowering the drag coefficient from 0.29 to 0.28. Since all of the changes pertaining to the US version are also valid for the European model we’re not going to discuss them again, only referring to the differences.

The Euro-spec model also gains a GLA 220 4Matic version, tucked in between the 156-hp GLA 200 and the 211-hp GLA 250. It comes with 184 hp of diesel power, as well as 300 Nm and a price of €37,145 in Europe. The new GLA is already up for order across Europe, with the lowest price coming in at €28,940 for the entry GLA 180. The top of the line GLA 45 Yellow Night Edition will set owners back at least €64,468.


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