The 2018 S-Class is making Mercedes-Benz proud – after previously officially debuting at Auto Shanghai in April it has now crossed the production block at the Sindelfingen facility in Germany.

And is doing it with respect to the current times – because Mercedes has also marked the occasion with an industry-first for car production. An S560 example in Obsidian Black Metallic drove off the assembly line without a driver present and did all the work for about 1.5 kilometers (almost a mile) as it made its way to the loading area located within the assembly plant. Driver positions won’t be jeopardized for now at the factory because the example had additional hardware – a multitude of cameras, sensors, and radars were on point, while Markus Schäfer, member of the board at Mercedes, sat on the passenger seat.

The automaker said their trial car had newly developed and patented technology, but shared no specific details about the new systems used in this case. In the vide we can see the limousine steered, accelerated and braked in quite a tight space, managing the exit off the assembly line and the drive to the loading areas where all customer cars are stationed once the production is complete. Mercedes is also looking to implement a pilot program in the day-or-day production operations.


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