The Porsche Cayenne Turbo S is currently the record holder of the fastest lap on the Green Hell for SUVs, but we have a feeling that won’t last much longer.

That’s because Alfa Romeo and its first ever Stelvio SUV are apparently looking at it from an angle, while we now have spy footage of another model that would be up to snuff in a little competition. It’s the land Rover Range Rover response to the slew of SUV performance machines – which are nowadays basically everyday life mostly due to the contribution of BMW M and Mercedes-AMG. Land Rover has its own contender to the SUV performance crown – the Range Rover SVR and now it seems they’re calling reinforcements as the new Range Rover Sport is undergoing trials on the legendary German circuit.

We already have a Range Rover Sport SVR, but Land Rover is now testing the updated and upgraded version of the large SUV, making good use of the same supercharged V8 engine that’s actually a mainstay of the performance models at Jaguar Land Rover. It’s entirely possible the refreshed RR Sport will pack a performance boost from the current 550 hp to something in the vicinity of 600 hp to better differentiate it from the upcoming Range Rover Velar SVR version.



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