The French compact hot hatch – no matter the selected generation – has always sat at the top of the niche, and sometimes commanded it, so we have seriously high expectations for the new one.

These expectations mostly have to do with the besting of the newly posted Nurburgring Nordschleife front wheel drive production car lap record – established by the Honda Civic Type R – and now really with post-apocalyptic settings. We’re also weary of the technical details included in the sheet for the new generation RS, because we all know the Clio RS was mostly a miss, with lackluster reception due to the double switch – to five door body and to the EDC double-clutch transmission, both being exclusive, as in you’re not given any other option. We really think the new Megane RS – besides taking all the goodies from the normal models, should also offer both options for the transmission – manual and auto – as we already know a three-door version is out of the question.

The car is being tipped for an official preview during this oncoming weekend during the Monaco Grand Prix, but we’re pretty sure the scenery from the clip is not going to make it into reality – or so we hope. Getting to see all generations of the Megane RS is always great, since Renault Sport has never done wrong until you know when – and they might look to make amends now. The previous Megane RS models have always been compelling – kicking off with the 2004 model that packed 225 hp and ending through the 2014 version, nicknamed 275 Trophy-R.


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