[Video] 2018 Volvo XC40 teaser is oblivious to the world image

Hello, Volvo Cars – we’re living in an automotive era when full uncamouflaged new models leak courtesy of the respective automaker well ahead of the actual lunch to spike hype.

And the Swedes are coming with reverse psychology apparently – the teaser featured here could well be for lobsters because it actually doesn’t reveal anything, and someone might even say it’s not representative of a car. Well, we already know Volvo’s first attempt at the small premium SUV segment is coming out this year, so at least the wait won’t be long. Volvo is churning out models like there’s no tomorrow – the XC60 was officially out just months ago, and already we’re seeing the company gear up for the arrival of the third crossover in the range.

The Geely-owned marque has announced the first-ever XC40 will be “revealed shortly” and this first one is about personalization – and how buyers will be able to choose lots of options for the small crossover. Numerous exterior colors with monochromatic theme or two-tone finish will be available. Inside, it will be “truly youthful and premium feel” and also bundle new Lava Orange or Oxide Red upholsteries. All trims, from the Momentum which is “fashion-oriented” to the -Design and Inscription for “dynamic and premium feel,” the new XC40 will see vast influences, even from urban architecture or cartography.