While the Chinese-owned Swedish brand has gained quite a cult following for its safety prowess, in recent years it expanded to encompass a multitude of other traits – so the latest XC40 teaser is arguably a call back to the marque’s roots.

Volvo’s smallest and most affordable crossover, the upcoming first ever XC40 is not going to be ashamed for coming at the bottom of the line, at least not when it comes to safety. The CMA-based vehicle is going to inherit from its larger SPA-based SUV brothers a wide range of passive and active systems – from a 360-degree camera to a semi-autonomous driving system, labeled by Volvo as the “Pilot Assist.” The XC40 is going to be proud wearing the Volvo badge and feature interesting tech such as Cross Traffic Alert with support for automatic braking – the video teaser is actually depicting an XC60, so we’re pretty sure from where the smaller one will inherit its traits.

[Video] 2018 Volvo XC40 teaser talks about Volvo’s strength 5

Naturally you can’t expect all this abundance of systems to come standard – or cheap from the options list. But Volvo did make a promise to try and protect its occupants better and better until no one is killed or seriously harmed in one of their vehicles. Don’t count on the XC40 to be revealed at Frankfurt, because Volvo has decided to only bow in Detroit, Geneva, and the alternating Shanghai / Beijing.


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