[Video] 2019 Mercedes-Benz spied on and off the Nurburgring image

We’re quickly approaching the end of the prototype testing period for the new generation CLS, the larger and more stylish brother of the latest E Class limousine.

The CLS seen here is using the full production body and lights – meaning we’re ready to see the company end its test cycle, so the third generation of the model might be appearing this year – the Frankfurt Motor Show is a safe bet. The Mercedes range will of course see it fit nicely in between the E Class and recently facelifted S Class flagship. It’s of course going to look a tad sleeker than the donor E series, and it will also warrant its price hike with a longer wheelbase and more interior space.

As far as we can tell, unfortunately Mercedes is again playing it safe with an evolutionary styling choice – though we’ll do have to wait and see if that’s the case when the wraps come off. With its E Class roots we can safely assume the CLS is going to feature the powertrain options. Reports are also speaking of a new Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 using a new turbocharged inline-six 3.0-liter engine and an electric motor for a hybridized performance setup of around 500 horsepower.