Mercedes is hard at work testing the prototypes of the new generation GLE midsize SUV, with the crossover set to grow in size and come with an evolutionary – rather than revolutionary design.

The new spy video gives us the best glimpse of the new generation Mercedes-Benz GLE, the successor to the ML Class. Already there are some areas that shed part of the camouflage – such as small areas of the grille revealing double slats, or the mesh panels on the lower sides hinting at big intakes for the new model. The running boards on the side are also stylistically equal to the existing GLE-Class. Given the similitudes, it seems Mercedes has again opted for the play it safe evolutionary design enhancements – with a generally similar silhouette, albeit a little rounder and larger dimensions.

As far as we know, the cabin will boast many similarities with the new generation E Class, with high tech displays across the dashboard and a multifunction steering wheel. The new model is expected to arrive sometime next year based on the new MRA platform shared with the E Class, which should at least bring some weight losses. Motivation will be provided by Mercedes’ new range of inline-six-cylinder engines, with the top gasoline engine producing 408 horsepower (300 kilowatts) and 369 pound-feet (500 Newton-meters) while the flagship diesel will sport 313 hp (230 kW).



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