[VIDEO] 24 Hours Of Le Mans:  Satoshi Motoyama trying to fix the Nissan DeltaWing image

The Nissan DeltaWing was pushed off the track by the Toyota #7 of Kazuki Nakajima, and suffered a hard impact into the wall on the exit of the Porsche Curves.

Motoyama flew off the track and crunched into the wall.

Driver Satoshi Motoyama stayed with the car for 90 minutes and did everything possible to effect repairs on his own – as the current driver is the only person permitted to work on the car while out on the course – but the damage to both the right rear and front of the car was too severe for him to get it back to the pits.

Motoyama said: “I tried everything I could to fix the car but since the power train damage was particularly serious we couldn’t revive it.”

Motoyama’s sadness because of the DeltaWing is clearly visible in the video…