[Video] 65 Vipers, seven years and Texas image

A very passionate couple from Texas took their love to the next level, as they acquired in about seven years no less then 65 Vipers – of course, being very wealthy also helped.

Kudos to the Texas fans of Vipers, D’Ann and Wayne Rauh, as they made us all very proud of their feat – they are the proud owners of no less then 65 Dodge and SRT Vipers – which probably represents the largest Viper collection in the world.

They started the endeavor back in 2006 with the acquisition of their Viper and now seven years later they have filled up their garages with 65 cars. They have virtually all types of Vipers, including the 2010 SRT10 ACR-X, which isn’t street legal so they can only drive it around their vast property.

Their car collection exceeds 100 vehicles but their prized possessions are the Vipers for which they probably have an obsession: D’Ann also has matching bags, while the garage is plastered with Viper pictures and also contains seats from within some of the models.

Via eGarage