[VIDEO] Abandoned Lamborghini Countach blocking traffic on London’s Tower Bridge image

An abandoned Lamborghini Countach has blocked some traffic on the Tower Bridge in London until the police came and impounded it.

Parking an expensive supercar can turn out to be quite tricky in most areas of London, considering the fact that most of them are just too wide for the narrow and crowded streets of the capital, but leaving it on one of the most famous bridges in Europe doesn’t seem like a good idea. The white Lamborghini Countach in question was taken by the London East Police, which currently has it. We have no background info on the subject, so if you know more, please feel free to share.

The Lamborghini Countach is the predecessor of the Diablo, the grandfather of the current Aventador. The supercar has been produced in Sant’Agata Bolognese between 1974 and 1990 in just 2,042 units and it was offered in a two-door coupe body style, with a rear mid-engine and a rear-wheel drive layout. The vehicle stands at 4,140 mm long and 1,070 mm wide, riding on a wheelbase of 2,450 mm. The V12 engine lineup included the LP400, the LP400 S, the LP500 S and the 5000QV.