[VIDEO] AC Cobra crashed at 130 mph image

An AC Cobra replica has been crashed at an incredible 130 mph speed (209 km/h) and the whole event has been captured on camera.

Even if this might seem like the driver didn’t even stood a chance, the man was actually lucky and sustained only minor injuries. The AC Cobra replica was driven on a race track and while it was traveling on the main straight, just before it arrived at the brake zone, a part of the rear suspension had broken and caused the vehicle to roll for numerous times. At the time of the unfortunate accident, the AC Cobra replica was doing 130 mph (209 mph).

Most of the time when we hear about exotic car crashes, even if this car here is just a replica, the drivers usually push the gas pedal too hard and end up meeting a tree or the Ocean. But this incident had nothing to do with the driver and the ride suffered a mechanical problem, which could have lead to a disaster. The AC Cobra replica didn’t have a racing seat, a roll cage or a HANS device, but even so, the driver was lucky and walked away with minor injuries to the left knee and bruised ribs.