That’s because they involve four vehicles, a mountain and 550 pounds of chicken, beef, and pork. The God Bless America thing takes a really interesting turn here.

Americans all over the world, how did you celebrate the National Day – barbecues, parties, fireworks? Any other idea you have will probably not go wilder than what Glacier View, Alaska had in mind this year. This is because they eschewed the home-made Chinese or professional installed fireworks for something a bit more odd. They throw away cars off a cliff while cooking more than 500 pounds of pork, chicken, and beef. Yes, we have the video proof of that and we know, you’re suddenly checking average temperatures in Alaska.

According to a local media outlet, Glacier View, just over 100 miles northeast of Anchorage, is home to an annual event. The good citizens of Glacier View have been organizing a Fourth of July party only since 1996, but this is already the 11th year when the residents threw cars off the mountaintop. This year’s roster included four units – though unfortunately just three of them achieved liftoff successfully. As for the food, it’s an equilibrium thing – because there were about 550 attendees this year. And next year when you think you’ll get bored of the home town display, just pack your bags and go to the far North for some genuine American fun.



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