[Video] Alfa Romeo Giulia in Quadrifoglio form seen up close and personal image

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is gearing up for the much awaited start of sales and this time around we have some footage captured with the top of the line Quadrifoglio while arriving at Autopolis dealership in Luxembourg.

Alfa Romeo is one of those brands that has been a wiz kid without ever confirming the confidence shown by its “parents” – it’s been treading long in the return to popular culture. But finally last year in June the proud parents – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – presented the Giulia as the model that will kickstart the much anticipated revival of the Italian marquee. But here it is, months have passed and people are still relying on footage captured here and there to quench their fascination for the spectacular model. Well, customer deliveries are finally shaping up to become a reality even though we have not yet seen the rest of the range – all the footage and images depict the flagship Quadrifoglio edition. We do know bits and pieces about the range of engines – including a 276 hp for the US market.

But anyways, while Alfa Romeo still gears up to show us the regular Giulia, we can have another look at the 505-hp model wearing the Montecarlo Blue Metallic hue while arriving at a dealer in Luxembourg. Since this is the up close and personal type of footage we also caught a glimpse of the interior where the two front seats were paneled with carbon fiber. By the way, the “Ferrari-inspired” V6 engine boasting QV has managed to lap the famed Nürburgring in 7 minutes and 39 seconds.

Via Passione Alfa Romeo