[VIDEO] Alfa Romeo Giulia QV roars its engine image

The sound of the Alfa Romeo Giulia is being highlighted in the newest clip which has been released recently.

One of the hottest performance vehicles of the year is the Alfa Romeo Giulia, which has been officially unveiled a few weeks back, in its range-topping Quadrifoglio Verde version. If you happen to be missing it, than you have come to the right place because the newest promo with the Italian performance sedan is showing it in action but before scrolling down and clicking the play button, you may want to plug your headphones in and turn that volume up, because you do want to hear that engine roar. Don’t expect something similar to an AMG Mercedes or to an RS Audi but you won’t be disappointed either.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is the official successor of the 159 and, in its range-topping version, the QV (Quadrifoglio Verde), it is taking aim at the BMW M3, the Mercedes-AMG C63 S, the upcoming Audi RS4, the Cadillac ATS-V and so on. The model in question is making use of a Ferrari sourced engine, a 3.0 liter twin turbo, capable of putting down a total of 503 HP (375 kW), sent to the rear wheels. The official performance figures of the sedan haven’t been made public at this time and chances are they won’t be announced until the model will be making its public debut. This will happen in September, at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

  • Aldo Garbellini

    too late. Tesla has been around about 15 years, and can beat it. I predict the end of Alfa Romeo in five years. Now, if they could do an electric car, well, the outlook could be different.

    • Wally Woodruff

      Yes and in the future your battery operated girlfriend will love you for car too.

      • Aldo Garbellini

        I own four cars. I drive an 88 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce almost daily. I guzzle gas. That olld technology is becoming less profitable and interesting. As much as terms like ‘negative cunt’ ‘piss me off’ or ‘fuck off’ seem to pass as analysis, (or comments about battery operated girlfriends), the less informed or those unwilling to explain the flaws in my argument (the illiteratti?) sound like the horse & buggy people complaining about the new ‘horse-less carriage’ as being noisy, and smelly. Chairman Wester speaks about fuel cells, yet he does not receive such ill considered responses as I just read. Gasoline had a run of over 120 years, and those who like name calling over intelligent talk are going to doom companies like Alfa into the dustbin of failed companies & ideas–but those who reason poorly and are closed minded are the last to know.

        • Wally Woodruff

          Okay now… Let’s be careful WHO we reply too on here. First I
          would like to say… Jason Hill is the one that did the nasty name calling and
          used the “F” bomb with you; Not me. I just made a satire about your love or
          want of an electric vehicle from a company set on selling a machine of lust and

          Please do not generalize me with likes of Mr. Jason Hill or
          I will have some bad assumptions about you and your lack of character also.

          Now, I will make the point that an electric/hybrid car is not
          right for Alfa or any other serous car manufacture (at least not at this time).
          The limitation of these cars is the cost and lifespan of the batteries and lack
          of range on a vehicle running on batteries only. I cannot see why anyone would be foolish
          enough to purchase a car that will only go such a limited distance before
          requiring hours to recharge to continue. Then there is the added cost (1/3 to 1/2 value
          of the car) of replacing batteries on regular basis due their limited lifespan.
          Also there is the environmental impact this could have due to the production of
          replacement batteries and the possibility of improper disposal/recycling of the

          I think you are seeing companies like BMW get into selling
          such cars like only to meet the demands of people that think they are saving
          the earth by driving this type of car. But, these people are so narrow minded
          and brainwashed in the environmental movement, they do not think about the
          other aspects mentioned above; much less about where the electricity is being
          made to power their electric world saving cars. Fossil fuels power the majority
          of worlds electric plants so whatever offset is made by the person not burning
          gasoline/oil products is more than added back to the “carbon foot print” created
          by making the electricity and the production of batteries/electric motors. This
          is especially true when the market relies on Third World countries without health
          and safety regulations to manufacture these batteries to contain the cost so
          the target consumer can afford it.

          Please keep this in mind too… The big car manufactures are
          not putting much faith in the electric and hybrid cars either. The only viable use
          of the hybrid systems available now is similar to the F1 technology: using the
          electric motor as an added boost to a smaller displacement turbo charged high revving
          engine. This uses less batteries and less weight, and it makes for continuous
          power with a little less fuel consumption extending the range of gas powered
          engine. I would say Alfa has the set the
          right short term plan in place with the smaller and higher output engines in a
          light weight chassis. This makes the
          Alfa platform more of a viable option for adding a battery only or hybrid system
          if this technology improves enough to make sense to the average consumer (wants/needs)
          than the majority of car manufactures out there making heavy and/or bloated vehicles
          relying on more horsepower to be able to go.

          Oh and by the way, where do you think Tesla got their ideas
          and chassis from? Their 3.1 second car is nothing more than Lotus Elise chassis
          rebadge and stuffed with the limited number of batteries it would hold. Lotus has been making small displacement and
          light weight cars since founded in 1952 and Alfa has been around since 1910
          with the same set of ideas, and I think they both will outlast Tesla. Lotus already has it hand in Hybrid system
          using Renault and Mercedes F1 racing engines. According to their company website, they are
          now pursuing Hydrogen fuel cells (still needs fuel and dependability is an
          issue) and gas internal combustion engines with electric assist to extended ranges
          or MPG (note they are not pursuing the gas generator for extending the battery range).
          as you can see, electric cars are not in our future unless or until there is a
          major improvement in battery technology to allow it.

          In my humble option, the car manufactures that focus too
          much on going fully electric using today’s technology are the ones that will out
          of business in less than 5 years. Fisker Karma is the perfect example of my

          So, Tesla is more of a doomed company at this point with its
          only hope of survival resting on the possibility of someone coming up with a safe,
          durable and reliable extended life battery to make them a viable option. And it would appear you are last one to know
          it due to your outdated argument that reeks of Environmentalism that I can only
          assume was brought on by the assumption of “Man Made Global Warming”.

          PS Tell your “significant other” I said, “Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”. ( you can laugh now as this was meant as a

          And on that bombshell….
          Remember Green is the new Red!

          Good bye

          • Aldo Garbellini

            I made an error including you with others who do not communicate or think well.
            I understand your comparison/analysis of carbon footprint and related gas v electric.
            Your electric girlfriend comment is funny, but I had a residue of reading other comments that caused me NOT to notice the humor. My bad.
            There is a recent study of cost for owning a Tesla in Finland (5 cents a kilowatt) that shows it’s economy.
            I love Alfa Romeo, but it seems they are taking advantage of the built-in goodwill the public has with the brand. It irks me.
            I appreciate the long note, however, I seem to have too much free time writing and responding to such things. I suppose it is the illness ALFISTI have, and when CEO Harald Wester (74,000 units produced in 2013, Tesla produced and sold 11,532 (about 1/6 of AR) says he wants to use fuel cells, and has no prototype, well, disappointing.
            A friend purchased a Tesla dual and I drove it for about a day with him. It is a transformative experience. We both have Alfa’s and are now slightly crestfallen that Mito and 4C (Tesla cost 85k usd) are the only offerings.
            Hey Harald Wester, get me an innovative electric AR, like my FIATe (111 hp, give me 200hp) and I’ll love you forever. If a guy with no auto experience can make Tesla, could AR make the greatest car in the world?

            Yes is the answer, now go make it, and sell it to me!

          • Wally Woodruff

            Thank you for your retraction.

            You will have to understand that if Alfa makes an Electric car it would more than likely be a Hybrid with electric assist to the gasoline engine. I think this is the future at this time… it may be a long time from now before you see full electric cars dominating the market.

            PS… I have friend in Jyväskylä that I met this year at the Grand Prix in Monaco. We have been keeping in touch by email by sharing things we do during out time off from work (mostly motorsports related). It is a small world if you think about it.

    • Jason Hill

      Stop being such a negative cunt! People like you really piss me off. Just fuck off somewhere and take your negativity elsewhere.

  • Aldo Garbellini

    I wonder if those who read these threads can explain how BMW is making an electric and hybrid model, while Alfa Romeo (AR) is still not readily available in the US. Perhaps AR is jockeying to sell the company that makes Mito (Milano + Torino) instead of making money and making a future. Tesla, zero to 100 km in 3.1, holds 7. 85K usd. Keep hoping, girls

  • Aldo Garbellini

    6 comments total (Inautonews). I guess my impact is global.

    • Wally Woodruff

      Trust me… Alfa’s is the one with the global impact. There are many of us out there just waiting on the release of the promised 8 new models over 4 years to come. The 4C and the Giulia are just the beginning of this plan so, you will not have to be upset with AR for only have a couple of models to offer for long. They will have to introduce a new car every 6 months to keep up their promise. Long live Alfa and long live the ALFISTI.