[Video] Alpine A120 teaser presents the custom aluminum platform image

The French brand – possible Renault asset in the sports car niche – is taking its time before the long-awaited return to prime time, but at least we can be sure no expenses have been spared.

Through the latest installment in a very lengthy teaser campaign we find that A120’s aluminum monocoque is a bespoke platform developed specifically for the sports coupe – with a curvaceous side profile and a bubble-like roof. There’s even a glimpse of the front fenders, with the cut-out for the edged headlights and the crease that holds the profile in place. The A120 is finally going to be featured in its road-going form in front of the worldwide audience at the Geneva Motor Show and then go on sale later this year – but the company is still keeping details under wraps.

What we think we know from the rumor mill is the A120 will be very close to the Vision concept and of course pay tribute to the famous A110 – albeit with a very modern touch. The largest mystery for now is the powertrain – rumors talk about a Renaultsport turbocharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder with about 250 horsepower (186 kilowatts). With a very low dry weight and a mid layout with RWD the A120 should be a passionate drive – though one that doesn’t come cheap, the Premiere Edition costing from 55,000 euro.

Alpine A120 teaser presents the custom aluminum platform 1