[Video] An R/C car called the Bullet overcomes the 200 mph barrier image

While American speed junkies usually convey to the Bonneville Salt Flats to take their shot at world fame and new speed records, a 51-year-old one-time motorcycle racer decided to play it safe.

Why is that? Because even if he doesn’t use any protective gear he won’t get easily hurt when driving the R/C Bullet – simply because he won’t fit into the sleek car. He can actually pick it up and carry it in his arms easily – and it fits the trunk of a regular station wagon.

Anyways, this record – which should soon update his previous Guinness Book record – was made on asphalt (rather than the usual salt flats) and took his latest high-speed radio-controlled car blasting through the 200 mph threshold. The team at Guinness World Records has not yet certified his latest run, but according to the Radio Operated Scale Speed Association, or ROSSA, Case’s Bullet was projectile fast at 202.02 mph (325.11 km/h).

Little to no technical details are known about the attempt or the materials used by Case and his team – other than the fact that he also used off-the-shelf components from Futaba, a Japanese company specialized in conventional R/C cars. Anyway, Case is also the record holder, both from ROSSA and Guinness, of two previous attempts – clocked at 134.4 mph and a later run of 171 mph.