[Video] Animated short film describes the hilarious quest of repairing a classic Fiat image

Getting to work on classic cars is not that great actually – just pay attention to shows on TV that depict this kind of activity – but fixing an Italian classic can actually go hilariously awry.

The work on old cars is never easy – rust and decay has already settled in and they’re hard to remove tenants. But an animated pair of mechanics have hugely hilarious problems while attempting to restore to its former glory a classic Fiat 500. “Voltige” is a simple animated short from French computer graphics student Léo Brunel and the story follows two bumbling garage employees that have been asked to make amends for their past wrongdoings by working on a Cinquecento.

At first, things go as expected in a garage – one guy cooks something under the hood while the other is rummaging for wrenches in a toolbox. But the crazy stuff quickly ensue as one of the workers slams the hood of the Fiat – forgetting in the process that for some inexplicable reason the Fiat is sitting on a swinging gantry. There’s no dialogue and no music and the short is very short – as in under two minutes. But “Voltige” still captures the hilarious essence of escalating Murhpy’s Law with an Italian accent. We can tell you – without spoiling too much – that as expected, the two mumbling mechanics will need to chip in even more works to complete the repairs that initially previewed.

Voltige from Léo Brunel on Vimeo.