[VIDEO] Another Tesla Model S catches fire image

The second Tesla Model S has caught fire, this time after a crash, in Mexico, and the aftermath has been caught on camera by bystanders.

The Tesla Model S may be an extremely popular vehicle with celebrities, and not only, and the company may see a bright future in it, but that doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. The clip posted below has been shot in Mexico and it’s showing a brand new Tesla Model S being eaten by flames. According to the local automotive media, the “green” vehicle has caught fire after being crashed into a tree and roundabout and the model has burst into flames shortly. It seems that the driver walked away with no permanent injury.

This is actually the second incident involving a Tesla Model S which caught fire, and the previous one gave firefighters some work, as water seemed to intensify the fire activity, forcing them to use a dry chemical extinguisher. The battery packs in this case were still burning after firefighters removed the front end but the good part is that the driver managed to rescue himself before any injuries could have been sustained. After this Tesla Model S caught fire, the company’s shares fell as much as 9.1 percent and they eventually recovered partially.