[Video] Another Tesla Model S crash brings innocent driver, company states it’s the other way around image

Another day, another Tesla Model S accident in which the owner claims the vehicle accelerated by itself, while the company says after looking at the logs the accelerator pedal has been pressed.

According to the latest report, another Tesla owner believes the car was at fault – putting it at odds with the electric luxury automaker following a Model S crash. The accident took place in August in Lighthouse Point, Florida – there’s even a video showcasing the incident. The Model S was pulling to park in front of a gym when it suddenly accelerated, and ended up inside after going through the window and side wall – the driver was the owner’s wife, and she escaped unharmed.

Following the accident, the owner believed the car set off by itself – but Tesla is of different opinion. The company says it reviewed the vehicle’s logs remotely and saw the accelerator pedal had been pressed. “Tesla’s cars do not accelerate without the driver instructing it to do so. In every situation where we have received a customer claim about this, the vehicle’s diagnostic logs have confirmed that the acceleration was the result of the driver pressing the accelerator pedal,” commented Tesla on this and similar incidents. The National Highway Transport Safety Administration supports this latter claim, its record showing that around 16,000 accidents are caused every year by drivers mistaking the accelerator for the brake pedal.

Via Electrek